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Providing school age children with resources and added support.

Virtual Schooling Option

We will host a full-day, full-week classroom here at KidFit Daycare that will allow School-Aged children to complete their virtual schooling in a safe and healthy environment. A teacher will be with the students in the classroom to help, support, and provide enrichment throughout the school day.

All meals and snacks will be provided to the students throughout the day. The students will also receive daily outdoor time, daily free play time, and daily access to Kingdom Sports.

School Age Overview

Our school age program also provides before and after school care for children ages 6-12 years old, and child care during snow days, half days, winter break, and spring break. Our goal is to provide your child with an educational, yet flexible experience to round out their school day.

Daily Schedule

Your School-Ager will be provided with breakfast in the morning and a snack in the afternoon. Our program offers a flexible schedule with varied activities for your child to participate in such as art projects, exploring new hobbies, or exercising on our playground or at Kingdom Indoor Center.

Homework Help

Our school age classroom offers Homework Help as a way to help your children develop positive homework habits.  Our teachers will work as a team with you and your child, communicate what needs to be done each day, and keep you updated on your child’s progress every afternoon at pick-up.


Busing for your child to and from Portage Public Schools may be available.